Palm Tree Varieties to Consider for Your Landscape Project

Canary Island Date Palms are a large majestic palm, with a very solid trunk, and long feather leaves with spined petioles. Quite a popular plant due to its hardiness, attractiveness and speed of growth. Very good for adding a Mediterranean feel.

Sago palms are a wonderful plant for both indoor and outdoor use. It looks great in the shrub border or as an accent on an expanse of lawn or near the patio. Use in entryways or in rock and sand gardens. It mixes well with palms and combines well with border grass, podocarpus and camellias. Sago is an excellent container plant for use outdoors and in the home.
The scientific name for the Sago Palm isCycas Revoluta and is not a palm at all, but a cycad.

Of all the cycads, the Sago Palm is the most popular, and is seen in almost all botanical gardens, in both temperate and tropical locations.