Drought Tolerant Plants For Your Garden

Echinocactus grusoni

Golden spines cover this slow-growing native Mexican cactus that reaches 4 feet tall and 2½ feet wide. Small yellow flowers top the plant in summer. Sunset climate zones 12–24.   

Sedum spathulifolium‘Cape Blanco’
Tiny blue-green leaves form tight rosettes on trailing stems. This low grower from California makes a great groundcover. Zones 2–9 and 14–24.
Lavandula multifida (Lavender)
Felty silver foliage covers these Mediterranean shrubs reaching 3 feet wide and half as tall. Thin stems topped with violet blooms appear from spring into fall. Zones 16–24.

Salvia clevelandii 
Purple-blue flower spikes rise above aromatic gray-green foliage in early summer. This sage, from Southern California and northern Baja, grows 3 to 5 feet tall, and 5 to 8 feet wide.Zones 8, 9, and 12–24.
Lewisia cotyledon 'Sunset Strain'
This bloomer, from California and Oregon, has evergreen foliage and reaches a foot high and 10 inches wide. It’s great in rock gardens, but needs excellent drainage. Zones 1–7 and 14–17.